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Jumping and Resurrection

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Recently I improved the jump system, so that now the jump from standing direction (e.g. up or forward) can be decided after the jump key is pressed, during the preliminary animation. This makes jumping from platform to platform a lot easier/intuitive. I also improved the logic to decide if to perform a running jump, now the space between the player and the point where the run up finishes and the jump begins is split into segments and each segment checked to see if there is a floor to run on(helpful when jumping between platforms:-)

I added a cheat state to the movement control, which allows the player to fly up and through things when in a cheat mode. I guess it is an interesting landmark when you start to need cheats…

Next I added support for player resurrection, i.e. when a player dies, after a pause they are revived and teleported to the last resurrection point that they came into contact with. So for example I can add resurrection points before puzzles in which they might die.

I also improved the light selection criteria to consider both the distance to the object which is being lit and the distance to the player(which is needed if there are multiple lights in a large model). Ideally I guess the volume of intersection between the view frustum, the object and the light would be considered, but that seems a bit expensive to compute. At least until I move to a lazy system of light selection(i.e. binding lights to objects until one of the lights/objects move).



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April 10, 2010 at 5:08 pm

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