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Well its been a while since I posted here, apart from Job Hunting I have had time to do a few things on my game engine. Nothing particularly exciting, mostly stabilization, bug fixing and features which are not terribly exciting, but still important. A quick list:

  • Linear space lighting, ie I adjust the gamma of textures when reading(in the shader, due to XNA/portability concerns) and convert to 2.2 gamma at the end of tone mapping. While quite a simple change this made a huge difference to the lighting quality.
  • Colour correction + screen fades etc. A simple change, I added a matrix transform after tone mapping. In addition I added logic nodes to control this.
  • Limited deferred lighting. The motivation for this was that since I didn’t want to add GI or lightmapping I needed a way to add many fill/fake GI lights to indoor scenes to give a convincing level of lighting complexity.
    I say deferred, but all I do is draw the light volumes to a texture and read the normal/depth map to compute the lighting. I don’t have any sophisticated attribute buffer/shadow mapping etc, the deferred lighting is controlled with parameters from just the lights. Later this is combined with key lights, textures etc during the forward rendering pass. My deferred lighting texture consists of diffuse + ambient in RGB and a single channel of specular in alpha.
  • More animation blending nodes, including nodes for inverse kinematics, converting absolute to relative animation(eg converting a climb animation relative to a fixed point to take into account player movement), fading between animations etc. Plus I added lazy animation updates(ie only re-blending animations when something relevant to the nodes changes).
  • A GUI editor and rendering/interaction system for menus, player HUD etc. This allows plugable GUI controls, each of which can be assigned another plugin node which manages the action of the node. For example loading another GUI page, changing resolution, input bindings etc.
  • Load/Save support, this just consists of a function to gather marked properties and user-generated save data into a data structure from entities and components. I then use my versioned serializer to write this to a file.
  • A proper input system which allows arbitrary mapping of keyboard/mouse and game pad input to linear and binary actions. This includes thread communication and UI integration components.
  • Basic cube map reflectors(ie runtime generated reflection maps). Nice to create mirrored balls, environment maps etc.
  • Texel snapping and fixed frustras for CSM shadow maps. More or less eliminates the very annoying shadow flickering when moving around.
  • A particle history node for particle systems, this combined with a couple of other nodes and features allows my particle system to produce beam effects.
  • Async level loading.
  • Depth of Field post processing effect.

Not sure if I mentioned some of these changes already… Also hopefully I will find time to add some screenshots of some of these things soon.


Written by therealdblack

January 17, 2011 at 7:35 pm

Posted in Graphics, Hobby Game, XNA

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